Representation Matters, the comic book edition

I'm a comic book nerd. Seriously, it would be a problem if I wanted to do anything about it. I think and talk about representation in comic books a lot, particularly when I'm at the Ladies' Night events at my local shop. Selling the "more women" line is an easy one, so is the "more LGBTQ+" line. The "too many… »1/13/14 3:42pm1/13/14 3:42pm

Hi my name is croguesberg and I need a hug

I got a bonus for doing a good job! But it's getting mailed to me and I haven't gotten mail in 2 weeks and I was going to use it to buy myself a new computer this weekend and now I'm sort of annoyed. Seriously, the only mail I've gotten was my Birchbox just dumped on the floor of my building entrance along with a… »11/15/13 1:21pm11/15/13 1:21pm