The Real Losers in #MommyWars: Freaking Everybody Else

This week, a "viral video ad" (barf barf barf) from a greeting card company aimed at the vital Mother's Day market started making the rounds on the internet and results have been...mixed, to say the least. But the really great thing is that it's revived the age old debate of who's worse: self-righteous stay at home moms, … » 4/17/14 2:56pm Thursday 2:56pm

Unhappiness born of inadequacy, by way of comparison to others

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to share (with other women especially) the parts of your life that aren't ideal? Not to say that it's easy to discuss things like mental health or grieving, but when it comes to things like your annoying coworker or sabotaging mother-in-law or not so great sex… » 3/30/14 6:27pm 3/30/14 6:27pm