ETA Please do not mainpage. Please. Please please.

You "can't hate on Sir Ian" who blew apart the lives of living, feeling people who didn't want their sexuality in public?

Your focus in the comments was on how disappointed you are that Lee Pace isn't into vaginas?


These are not puppets who exist to dance for your amusement.

Do you guys even know how much this turns my stomach?

These are real men whose lives might be seriously impacted by the thoughtlessness of another person, and Groupthink PERPETUATED THE RUMORS. And then it ended up mainpaged! What if it's NOT Richard Armitage? What if it's one of the lesser-known actors who has been struggling with his identity and trying go find a way to come out and this interview that McKellan gave shut him down emotionally? You all applauded me for my response to the 'honorary gay' straight girl and then you turned around and made this a fucking joke.


I missed all this last night because I went to bed. Shame on me for not being around to remind you of just how fucking hypocritical this is. I don't care if this looses me some friends around here because I need to be as clear as possible: by perpetuating the gossip in that statement from McKellan, by sexualizing gay men (or even a potentially gay man) like that, you are making a hostile environment. You are creating the world that necessitates the 'glass closet.' You are helping homophobic bigots who want to silence and marginalize LGBTQ(etcetc) people.

Like I said in my piece...people should get to own their own coming out journey. It's not about you, it's not about how much you love Ian McKellan (who I generally like and admire, but not in this instance). It's not about how much you wish that pretty boy would like you back. It's a bout a human being's privacy and your sudden and irrevocable lack of respect for them because you want to gossip.

Pope and I have had a one-on-one conversation about this and I think she understands why I (and others) are upset. But I know this is yesterday's news, and I want to make sure you are all aware of how hurtful your behavior was to one of your community members...and I'm guessing I'm not alone.

A special thanks to InTheWeeds for fighting the good fight on the mainpage and RemediosVaro for helping me sort out my own thoughts on the matter. Next time, let's talk about what bullshit it is that the glass closet exists, instead of running around naming names.

ETA another thanks to PistachioBlackRaspberrySnark for this:

I want to add here the link to a Gawker article about public outings (the outings discussed are done by the celebrities themselves) that I left in a comment on Pope's post.

It's a great article about the complexities of coming out.